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Welcome to our latest newsletter! Stop for a moment and think about the biggest problem in your business right now. Whether it's low sales, slim profits, poor-quality leads, or bad company culture, these aren’t the real problems—they're symptoms of a flawed system.


Identify the Real Problem

In any business, recurring issues often stem from ineffective systems. Just as consistently eating junk food results in illness, operating with bad systems leads to business problems. Addressing these symptoms without fixing the underlying systems is like treating the cough without curing the cold.


Entrepreneurs and Novelty

We entrepreneurs thrive on novelty. Innovation is important and likely the reason you started your business. However, our love for new ideas can stunt business growth. When you're able to disconnect, like going away for a couple of weeks, and return to find your business running better, it's on possible because of well-implemented systems.


Loose Goals, Tight Systems

Instead of focusing solely on rigid goals that rely on willpower, concentrate on creating disciplined systems that facilitate continuous improvement. James Clear’s principle from Atomic Habits—"The more disciplined your environment, the less disciplined you need to be"—is particularly relevant.


In Allan Dib's book, Lean Marketing (page 194), he defines loose goals and tight systems as follows: "A loose goal sets the direction you want to go without being fixed on the final destination. The goal is to keep playing the game and improving indefinitely. A tight system sets up your environment so it’s easy to keep improving."


This approach recognizes that while goals provide direction, systems drive progress. For example, setting a goal to increase sales is helpful, but implementing a system for regular customer follow-ups, targeted marketing campaigns, and consistent lead nurturing is what makes achieving that goal feasible and sustainable.


Hauling Industry Application

Route Optimization

  • Challenge: Inefficient routes waste time and fuel.

  • System Solution: Implement route optimization software that considers traffic patterns, delivery schedules, and fuel efficiency. Regularly review and adjust routes to ensure they remain optimal.

  • Result: Significant reduction in operational costs and improved service delivery times.


Customer Engagement

  • Challenge: Only contacting customers when promoting services leads to disengagement and unsubscribes.

  • System Solution: Develop a consistent communication plan. Send regular updates, helpful tips, and check-ins to maintain a relationship with your customers.

  • Result: Higher engagement rates, increased customer loyalty, and better responsiveness to promotions.


Employee Training

  • Challenge: A negative company culture and inconsistent service quality.

  • System Solution: Create an ongoing training and development program for employees. Regularly scheduled workshops, feedback sessions, and team-building activities can foster a positive culture and ensure high service standards.

  • Result: Enhanced employee morale, reduced turnover, and a more cohesive, efficient team.


Lead Management

  • Challenge: Poor-quality leads and low conversion rates.

  • System Solution: Implement a lead scoring system that prioritizes leads based on their likelihood to convert. Use CRM software to track and nurture leads through the sales funnel.

  • Result: Improved lead quality, higher conversion rates, and more efficient use of sales resources.


Real-Life Impact

Every significant progress in my endeavors, whether it be writing, eating healthily, or marketing, has stemmed from tight systems. In the hauling industry, optimized systems lead to better efficiency, higher profitability, and greater customer satisfaction.


Complexity and Chaos

Entrepreneurs often stunt their business growth by adding unnecessary complexity and chaos. Great businesses are often "boring" because they stick to proven systems that work. Novelty should be sought outside the business, allowing the enterprise to fund that lifestyle without adding unnecessary complexity.


Avoid injecting chaos with constant changes and harebrained schemes. Stability and consistency lead to growth and efficiency.


In Closing

Reflect on your current systems. Are they driving you forward or holding you back? Tighten your systems and watch your business improve. The key to long-term success isn't just setting goals but building systems that make achieving those goals


Stay tuned for next week's insights, and keep hauling success!



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Justin Hubbard

Justin Hubbard

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