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Branding Breakdown: Increase Your Visibility and Credibility


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Company: YELO Dumpsters

Established: 2024

Locations: Martinsville, IN

Services: Dumpster rentals

Instagram: @YeloDumpsters

Q&A with Deric

What sets your business apart from others in the industry?

Our focus on customer experience and customer service. We offer a CLEAN dumpster, and our automated texting and online booking creates a modern approach to ordering your dumpster. Its easy and convenient for the customer and they feel in control! We send automated text messages for ETA of arrival on delivery and pick up as well as automated google review request.


We don’t just drop a dumpster, we walk them thru how to open and close the door safely, point notice to the overfill line and what items are acceptable and not acceptable. We always make sure the customer understands the lines of communication are always open and if they have any questions during their rental they can call or text.


We set ourselves apart by offering a better customer EXPERIENCE. There are a lot of dumpster companies and we basically all do the same thing… rent dumpsters… but when you rent from YELO Dumpsters you get a better experience. We take the time to inform our clients and communicate.


Can you walk us through the initial steps you took to brand your business?

I am big on branding and create a clean, effective, and memorable brand. My background is in commercial signage and vehicle advertising. I own a commercial vehicle wrap and sign company DG Graphics located in Martinsville, IN. Over the years I have seen many brands and researched about what does and doesn’t work. I knew when I developed the YELO brand I wanted this brand to look BIG and look NATIONAL. I said to myself, create the “Uber” of dumpsters. Uber is a weird word, but everyone knows what it is and its everywhere. I wanted a very short memorable name. My favorite color is yellow and my other company colors are black and yellow so it just kind of happened.


When I designed the logo, I wanted something very minimalistic. The logos should be easily legible, easily identifiable. When I think of creating a brand you want to think of the McDonalds arches. They are yellow with red; they don’t even have to have words on them, and you know exactly what it is. This is what I wanted for YELO. YELO is so memorable that you won’t even need to know Dumpsters once the brand is in play for a while.


How did you decide on the visual elements of your brand, such as the logo, color scheme, and overall design aesthetic?

I wanted a very simple 1 color logo that would be easy to read and easily memorable. Another big reason is no one in the dumpster business around me is yellow. My dumpsters stick out like a soar thumb everywhere they go. Everyone has red, or black dumpsters. If someone is in a market and no one has lime green, baby blue or HOT pink dumpsters. That’s what they need to be doing with their branding. Branding is about sticking out and being remembered.


What strategies have you found most effective for building brand awareness in the early stages of your business?

Consistently posting to social media. Then crossing sharing on my personal page, my wife’s page and asking our friends to share as well. I also joined all the local community facebook groups and post every time they have the business post day so my name is constantly in the community groups. I post content daily and always post Instagram and facebook stories when I am out dropping and picking up dumpsters. People love to see the action we do behind the scenes.


What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs about creating a brand that resonates with their audience and stands out in the market?

Be different. Make a statement with your colors and how you operate. If you open a dumpster business with a white cab truck, black dumpsters and get the cheapest decals its going to take you longer. Branding, marketing and advertising is expensive, but do it right the first time and set yourself up for future success. People need to look at your brand and know that they can trust you. If someone can see that you care about your brand image they know you are going to care enough to take care of them.


Can you share an example of a branding decision that had a significant impact on your business's growth or success?

By naming my company as its own company name and not after myself or my initials, the significant impact is I immediately hit the marketplace with the look and feel of a BIG company. This changes the customers initial assumption of your abilities to provide a quality service on a larger scale.


What do you think is the most common misconception about branding a new business, and what truth would you like to share based on your experience?

People think to small when first branding their new business. They name it after themselves or their initials. When branding a new business, you need to think backwards from where you want that company to be in 10 years and think of what that companies name should be when its operating with 15 trucks and 20-30 employees and how they are going to answer the phone etc.


What's your inspiration and journey in the industry?

My journey in the industry has been short so far. I am very active and I’m not afraid to ask questions. I will talk to anyone and help everyone with all the knowledge I have. I think the waste hauling industry is very exiting and I’m looking forward to growing everyday.


What challenges you've faced and how you've overcome them?

So far my initial challenges were finding a truck, dumpster manufacture and obtaining financing to get everything going. Overcame them by researching the facebook groups, google and having several phone calls with vendors and telling them my needs. I spoke to a couple truck manufactures and when they found out I was just starting they didn’t want to give me the time of day, I didn’t get mad I just went to the next and found the one that wanted to earn my business and treat me like I was just like his largest client.


I have a personal relationship with my bank due to my other business ventures, but at one time I couldn’t get funding for anything, but I never let that stop me in any of my previous deals. Some banks will say no, others will say yes. Someone will say yes you just have to keep trying.


What success stories and achievements have you had?

Success in the first month we were almost 50% rented our first month and after all expenses truck payments, dumpsters, dump fee, insurance etc we profited $2500. This is a win for anyone in business after month 1. If we would have broken even or lost $2500 its still a win to cover all expenses after 1 month. I am looking forward to a great first year!

Anyone getting started in business should remember it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, it only matters what you are doing and how confident you are in your own accomplishments. Your only competition is YOU.


What's your business philosophy and future vision?

The vision for YELO Dumpsters is to become the household name locally and nationally for dumpster roll off services in the residential sector and commercial sector. Our goal is to grow our fleet to provide larger cans to our contractors and we would also like to add monthly dumpster trash service routes to services we offer.


What's your story of starting and running your business?

I started my main business DG Graphics when I was 17yrs old out of my childhood bedroom making stickers for my friends and teachers at school. At 18 I graduated high school and opened up a local graphics shop in my hometown. From there I grew into providing commercial vehicle wraps, graphics, and commercial signs.


Fast forward 13years and DG Graphics has national vehicle wrap fleets contract and have installed signs for Taco Bell, KFC, Kenworth, and many other large national companies. We have also manufactured and installed a lot of commercial signage locally. My team at DG Graphics is amazing and they run the show day to day from sales, design, operations, print & productions, and installation.


It hasn’t always been easy and self-sufficient, but over the past 2 years my goal was to remove myself completely from the business day-to-day to begin other ventures. I am happy to say that in 2024 starting YELO Dumpsters has came from me achieving my goal of removing myself from DG Graphics day to day and letting my operations manager run the day to day.


One of the hardest things in business is to let go and watch your team take control. I have a great staff with the same mindset and core values which makes all the difference.

Now I will begin setting the policies and procedures for YELO Dumpsters to become self-sufficient. The goal is to own and work on the business not work in the business.


Welcome to our latest newsletter! Lets talk branding. Your trucks roll through town every day, your teams interact with customers, and every job site is an opportunity to make an impression. From your trucks to your team uniforms, every touchpoint is a chance to reinforce your brand identity and enhance your market presence.


The Power of Truck Branding

Your fleet of trucks is more than just a means of getting from point A to point B; they are moving billboards. Effective truck branding turns every job into a marketing opportunity.


  • Consistency is Key: Ensure that the branding across all your vehicles is consistent. This includes logo placement, colors, and messaging, which should be uniform and reflect your brand’s style and values.

  • Visibility Matters: Design your truck wraps to be eye-catching with clear and readable text. Your company name, logo, contact information, and a brief list of services should be easily visible from a distance.

  • Durability: Invest in high-quality materials for your wraps. Your trucks face all weather conditions, and fading or peeling graphics can reflect poorly on your brand.


Uniform Branding: Professionalism on Display

Uniforms do more than ensure your team looks neat and tidy; they serve as a crucial component of your brand identity.


  • Branded Apparel: Ensure all uniforms are branded with your company’s logo and color scheme. This not only promotes a professional image but also aids in brand recall.

  • Function Meets Fashion: Choose uniforms that are not only branded but are also functional and comfortable for your team. Durable, weather-appropriate gear ensures your team can perform their best, which in turn enhances customer service.

  • Safety Gear: Ensure that safety gear like helmets and gloves are also branded. This shows commitment to safety and professionalism.


Digital Presence Alignment

In today's digital world, your online presence needs to be a direct reflection of your offline branding.


  • Website and Social Media: Ensure your website and social media profiles use the same logos, color schemes, and messaging as your physical branding. Consistency across platforms strengthens brand recognition.

  • Customer Interaction: Train your team to reflect your brand’s voice not only in person but also in all digital communications, including emails and social media interactions.


In Closing

Effective branding across all facets of your business—from your trucks to your team's uniforms—creates a cohesive and memorable brand experience that can attract and retain customers.


Remember, every detail counts when it comes to branding. By ensuring consistency and visibility in every aspect, you enhance your credibility and build a stronger connection with your community.


Stay tuned for next week's insights, and happy hauling!


Got ideas or stories of your own? We'd love to hear from you! Reply and or share your insights with us in the Haulers Forum. Together, let's inspire and guide each other toward building businesses that aren't just successful today but poised for future success.

Justin Hubbard

Justin Hubbard

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