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Amplify Your Impact: Strategic Social Media for Business Growth

Updated: Apr 29


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Company: Heavy Load Hauling

Established: 2022

Locations: Mount Wolf, PA

Services: Full service junk removal (residential & commercial), as well as deck, shed, and concrete demolition services.

Ryan's Story

We're a family owned and operated business established on January 15th 2022 that offers competitive pricing with five star customer satisfaction. We have over 225 five star reviews on google and never leave a job till the customer is satisfied with our work.


Let me share the incredible journey of resilience and community spirit that my brother Ben and I embarked on, shaping our local junk removal and demolition enterprise into what it is today. The story began in 2021, during my time at York College pursuing my Civil Engineering degree. Life threw us a curveball when our oldest brother faced the daunting challenge of liver disease and autoimmune struggles. Without hesitation, I stepped up, donating 67% of my liver to save his life. The surgery was a success, but it meant a three-month recovery period where I couldn’t attend classes or work.


I’ve always been driven, and that downtime fueled a fire within me to make a difference. Thus, in the heart of York, PA, our local junk removal business was born. While I focused on healing and returning to my studies, Ben admirably managed the day-to-day operations, ensuring our fledgling venture thrived. Fast forward two years—my recovery complete, armed with my Civil Engineering degree, and our oldest brother on the mend. What began as a modest endeavor has flourished beyond imagination. We’ve served over 1400 locals and cleared a staggering 1,000,000+ pounds of waste, leaving our mark on the community.


Heavy Load Hauling is now one of the most well known junk removal businesses and brands in the industry on social media. This has allowed us to get organic leads, generate connections with other business owners from all types of niches, and effectively optimize our own business by talking with others. We are able to reach a large audience and convey the message that entrepreneurship is well alive and anyone can do it. I've shared my story about starting up this business right after I donated 67% of my liver, at 22, to my dying brother. This has inspired many young entrepreneurs and we even get asked about it by customers daily.


Industry Inspiration

One of my inspirations in the industry early on was the Stand Up Guys. Their content on instagram and website stood out from other junk removal companies and I enjoyed it. So far my journey has entailed a lot of hard work, problem solving, and creative thinking in the industry.


Social Media Strategy

Social media hasn't  increased the growth of our junk removal business dramatically just yet. Instead, it has allowed us to talk to other successful business owners and see what techniques they are using in their own business. We don't fully rely on social media for our clientele base, but it has allowed us to optimize our business and answer many young entrepreneurs' questions about starting up their own.


A successful tip for social media would be to tell a story in your videos and try to do this every day. This will make the consumer interested in your content/service.

We measure the amount of success of our social media efforts by analyzing the engagement on each piece of content and seeing what does well and what doesn’t.


Sales Strategy Pivot

We recently switched our business strategy completely. We used to give estimates over the phone and through pictures, but found that our closing rate was not as good as we knew it could be. We started giving all of our estimates in person and were able to dial in on some of the customers' questions or concerns while performing the estimates. This increased our closing rate significantly.


We also implemented a new CRM into our day to day business lifestyle that allows us to manage clients and social media messages much more easily. This CRM helps us stay organized and allows us to get more Google reviews with the automations I have set up.


On Work-Life Balance

As a business owner it's very difficult to manage work-life balance. My brother and I both have significant others that we spend the majority of the time with when we aren't working or in the gym. Our business is open all days of the week so an effective CRM really makes a difference when talking with customers on our “days off”.


Ensuring that my team and I maintain a healthy work-life balance is simple. We routinely spend time together for sporting events like UFC, pushing each other to reach fitness goals in the gym, and go out for dinner to celebrate milestones.


Welcome to our latest newsletter! As spring breathes new life into our surroundings, it’s the perfect time for rejuvenation—not just for our homes but for our businesses too. In the hauling industry, leveraging powerful tools for business growth is crucial. Here’s how you can use social media to your advantage.


Understanding Your Audience on Social Media

Before diving deeper, it’s essential to determine if your target audience is active on these platforms. Why would someone follow a junk removal or dumpster rental company? It's crucial to ensure that the content is engaging and resonates with potential customers rather than just appealing to industry peers. Are we offering content that captivates our intended audience?


Content That Connects

"Content is king, but context is God. You can have good content, but if it’s not in the right context, it doesn’t do any good." Gary Vaynerchuck


To captivate and grow your audience, consider these strategies:


  • Educate and Engage: Share tips on reducing waste, recycling, and home organization—topics that provide value beyond our basic services.

  • Before and After Showcases: Highlight the transformation of cluttered spaces into organized ones, demonstrating the impact of our services.

  • Community Involvement: Post about local events or environmental initiatives your company supports, building a brand that’s recognized for its community focus.


Social Media Tips for Haulers

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." Seth Godin


  • Visual Storytelling: Use compelling images and videos to tell the stories of items you've salvaged or the difference you’ve made in customers’ lives.

  • Customer Testimonials: Showcase reviews and testimonials to build trust and highlight customer satisfaction.

  • Interactive Content: Engage your audience with polls, quizzes, and requests for feedback, which increase interaction and provide valuable insights.


Why Social Media?

If your research confirms that your customers are active on social media and do in fact follow your business page, these platforms can become invaluable tools for marketing your services and building brand loyalty. If your audience is not as active, consider pivoting to more industry-specific networking or content strategies that appeal more directly to peers and potential B2B clients.


Wrapping Up

By understanding your audience, delivering content that connects, and utilizing visual and interactive strategies, you can transform your social media presence into a dynamic tool that not only attracts but also retains customers.

The essence of effective social media marketing lies in building relationships and offering genuine value. As you implement these strategies, keep evaluating what works and adjust as needed. Your adaptability and commitment to engaging content will set you apart in a competitive market.


Let's harness the power of social media together and spring into a season of growth and success!


Got ideas or stories of your own? We'd love to hear from you! Reply and or share your insights with us in the Haulers Forum. Together, let's inspire and guide each other toward building businesses that aren't just successful today but poised for future success.

Justin Hubbard

Justin Hubbard

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