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Company: Timely Junk Removal

Established: 2020

Locations: Gilbert, AZ

Services: Full Service Junk Removal

Instagram: @TimelyJunk

Q&A with Darrell

What's your story of starting and running your business? 

After working for a number of fortune five hundred companies and not feeling fulfilled, I knew I wanted to start my own business. Working for big companies has always felt like throwing a quarter in the Grand Canyon. Like you aren’t making a difference no matter what you do. So I went and worked for a small business and learned the struggles and how they operated and saw the grind of it all. I saw the freedom and the risk of owning a business and I was hooked. Since I was a kid I wanted to own a business but I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t have any tools.


After working for a small blue collar business for 5 years, I started my junk removal business. It hasn’t always been easy, it has been long hours and stressful moments. Family members and friends doubting you, people getting offended by your success. But at the end of the day, I love the grind and hustle of it. I started with just a 6 foot bed of a Ford truck and from there got a landscaping trailer. Then moved to dump trailers and finally the Isuzu npr’s with a dump box.


It didn’t all happen over night, but slowly each day as I put in the time and sweat. I have a lot to still learn and grow, but with my team it is all possible. 


How do you make your junk removal service stand out?

I wanted to find a niche within the world of junk removal and for me that was trash removal for airbnbs. It’s gross and stinky but not a lot of companies will do it. You also have to do the pickups within 24 hours and know how to dispose of trash and recycling. 


What significantly influenced your approach to running your junk removal company?

For me it was doing something no one else wanted to do or knew how to do. Finding the type of pickups other companies didn’t want to complete and doing them. 


How do you manage the balance between running a demanding business and your personal life?

This is a daily struggle and I’m not sure I have it 100% figured out just yet. For me part one was Learning how to delegate tasks without being so obsessed with the how and more focused on the completion of the task. Part two was hiring the right people who have passion and enjoy hard work. Those people are harder to find everyday. 


What strategies have you found effective in ensuring you and your team work well together?

Communicating on how to solve common headaches of the job. Learning to listen to the team and brain storm ideas collectively. Then showing respect to the team and actually try out the ideas. Then meeting together and talking about how it all worked and what people liked.


What's your social media strategy?

My strategy has always been to try and get in front of the camera and say something goofy or odd. Grab people’s attention from the start with something bizarre and then explain yourself. Then link the situation with a teaching moment. Explain something about the industry that people probably don’t know. Keep them coming back to watch more videos. Be open to feedback and respond to comments left by followers.


For me success from social media is followers and free jobs. At the end of the day we all want more jobs and we don’t want to pay for them. So if I can act like a goof ball to pull people in and get free jobs from it, I’m a happy camper. 


It can be tough to convert being goofy on social media to free jobs. So at first it is going to feel weird and like you are wasting your time. However I have found with consistency it does bring more jobs. 


Welcome to our latest newsletter! Today, let's dive into a critical aspect of your digital storefront: Website Optimization for Lead Generation. Just as your trucks and team uniforms are pivotal touch-points for branding, your website is a prime opportunity to convert visitors into customers.


Website Optimization: Your Digital Handshake

Think of your website as the digital equivalent of your trucks rolling through town—it should grab attention and encourage interaction.


User-Friendly Design: Clear Pathways to Action

  • Your website should guide visitors smoothly from introduction to action, much like a well-organized job site.

  • Ensure your navigation is intuitive and your layout uncluttered.

  • Place calls to action (CTA) prominently—think of these as the clear, visible signs on your trucks.


Strong Calls to Action: The Invitation to Connect

  • Your calls to action are your direct invitations for engagement, similar to the branding on your trucks.

  • Make them bold and straightforward, with phrases like ‘Book Now’ or ‘Get a Quote’ that stand out and tell customers exactly what to do next.


Showcasing Your Services: The Visual Impact

  • Just as your trucks display your services clearly, your website should visually showcase what you offer.

  • Include high-quality images of your team in action or your fleet of trucks at work.

  • This not only builds credibility but also connects what they see online to what they might see driving by.


Consistent Branding: Aligning Your Online and Offline Presence

  • Ensure your website mirrors the branding on your trucks and uniforms.

  • Consistency across all platforms enhances brand recognition and reassures customers of your professionalism.


Leveraging Testimonials: Social Proof Drives Trust

  • Incorporate customer testimonials prominently on your site, similar to how visibility matters on your vehicles.

  • Reviews and success stories can significantly impact potential customers' decisions, much like a well-branded truck can turn heads.


In Closing

Optimizing your website for lead generation is akin to setting up every job site for success. It's about creating an environment that's not only welcoming but also compelling enough to convert visitors into leads.


Every digital interaction counts just as much as physical interactions in today’s marketplace. By aligning your online presence with your offline efforts, you enhance your brand's credibility and reach.


Stay tuned for next week's insights, and keep hauling success!


Got ideas or stories of your own? We'd love to hear from you! Reply and or share your insights with us in the Haulers Forum. Together, let's inspire and guide each other toward building businesses that aren't just successful today but poised for future success.

Justin Hubbard

Justin Hubbard

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