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Creating Boundaries: Run Your Business Without the 24/7 Hustle

Updated: Apr 29


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Company: Texas Junkers

Established: 2021

Locations: Houston, TX

Services: Full service junk removal (residential & commercial)

Instagram: @TexasJunkers_

Q&A with Tony

How'd you get started?

Our journey began in 2021. I found myself unemployed with my first child on the way. I was looking through YouTube for different ways to make money with a pickup truck and stumbled across junk removal. All I had was truck at the time, so I got on Facebook Marketplace and offered my services. We got our first couple of hits and the rest is history.


What's your business theory?

The Lean Startup methodology can be best applied to my business. This approach emphasizes my service and allows me to improve and expand my services based on customer feedback and market demands. This approach also allows me to pivot when I need to and minimize waste, both in terms of operations and unnecessary services.


How do you balance a demanding business and your personal life?

I minimize all distractions and split my time with what’s necessary. The business is my life but I also have my family. A majority of my time is spent on the business, but when I get home I focus fully on my family. After everyone is asleep, I refocus on the business and how I can grow it before I eventually fall asleep.


We also take Sundays off. We allow the team to have promised family days and reset before the week begins again.


How do you integrate social media in your business?

We are fairly new to social media, but we are approaching it with the idea of building a brand instead of trying to convert users to clients. Social media has also opened us up to different aspects of the business. For example, we have been able to start a mentorship program for other entrepreneurs looking to get into the Junk Removal business.


One of the biggest challenges with social media is to overcome your own self consciousness. Social media is a great tool, but there will always be people who wish to tear you down, so when using social media, you need to have thick skin.


What's your vision for the future?

Moving forward, the future vision for Texas Junkers is to not only provide junk removal to people’s homes and workplaces, but to create a waste facility for all Houstonians that will cater to all of their needs.


Welcome to our latest newsletter! As the owner of a hauling business, you know the demands can be relentless. It’s a tough job with the illusion of non-stop urgency—but let's set the record straight: this isn't the ER. It’s time to carve out vital personal time without fearing the loss of business.


The Myth of the After-Hours Emergency

It’s important to recognize that in our industry, there is rarely such a thing as a 'junk emergency.' Unlike a medical emergency room, the vast majority of our services can wait until normal business hours. This realization should empower you to set, communicate, and maintain clear boundaries around your availability.


  • Set Clear Business Hours: Clearly define your business hours on all platforms: your website, social media, and Google Business profile. Let your customers know when you are available for regular pickups and quotations.

  • Automated Responses: Utilize automated systems like professional sounding voicemail and email/social autoresponders to manage customer expectations after hours. A simple message stating your business hours and promising a follow-up during those times can manage a lot of the immediate need for contact.


Dealing with ‘Urgent’ Late Calls

While you might worry that not responding to a late-night call could mean a lost customer, experience teaches us otherwise. Customers who demand immediate late-night service often do not translate into reliable, long-term clients. In fact, they are more likely to cancel or cause issues. For instance, we've often responded to 9 PM calls from frantic customers needing next-day service, only to receive a cancellation in the morning. It’s a pattern many of us recognize all too well and I personally no longer allow this to happen.


  • Educate Your Customers: Use your website and social interactions to educate your customers about planning their junk removal needs in advance. This helps in managing their expectations and reduces last-minute ‘urgent’ requests.

  • Quality With Speed: Focus on promoting the quality and reliability of your service in addition to speed of response. Customers value a job well done.


Your Website Works 24/7 So You Don’t Have To

Ensure your website is optimized to handle inquiries and bookings without your direct involvement:


  • Online Booking System: Implement an easy-to-use online booking system with clear availability slots. This lowers call volume and lets clients book their appointments during your off hours.

  • FAQ Section: A well-thought-out FAQ section can answer common queries that might otherwise lead to after-hours calls.

  • Highlight Your Process: Clearly explain your process in a few easy steps, what to expect, and how to prepare for the service. This transparency can reduce the perceived urgency and need for immediate contact.


In Closing

Setting boundaries is essential—not just for personal well-being but also for fostering a sustainable business model. By managing customer expectations and using technology to field inquiries and bookings, you can protect your private time effectively.


And keep in mind, running a business isn’t just about working hard but working smart—and part of working smart is knowing when to step back and recharge.


Got ideas or stories of your own? We'd love to hear from you! Reply and or share your insights with us in the Haulers Forum. Together, let's inspire and guide each other toward building businesses that aren't just successful today but poised for future success.

Justin Hubbard

Justin Hubbard

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