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Grow Your Business with Practical Help

Updated: Feb 4

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Building a business is hard and has many moving parts. First, you’ve got to get your strategic plan right, then develop a clear and concise marketing message. After that, you need to find your winning sales pitch, make sure your operations are streamlined, and figure out your your cash management and financial plan. As a current owner of a successful, fully automated junk removal and dumpster rental company, I implemented a strategic growth plan that increased our annual sales every year, and took our dumpster rental division from an idea to over 100 roll-off dumpsters in five years. This was also all done without taking any outside investment because we managed our pre-tax profit and planned it all out.

“82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. And while most small business owners agree cash flow is the #1 risk for small businesses, cash flow is also a blanket term – a symptom, if you will – of several underlying causes.” -

Very few small-business owners get it right, and that's why most small business owners suffer, and ultimately fail. Ponder this, you've probably hired a golf instructor before, a financial advisor, a trainer to help you drop the winter weight, and you always go to a mechanic to fix your car. Why not hire a coach to help you build your business so it thrives and can improve (and fund) your quality of life? After all, isn’t that what your business is supposed to do? My guess is that you didn’t get into business to become an employee and servant to it. You started your business with the idea of making it work for you and providing for your benefit. Most of us have to grind it out in the early years, building it up enough to take a small step away, and then another small step, and so on.

Working with me as your coach and guide help is easy. First we plan a call where I ask you several questions, get an idea of the current health of your business, then customize a plan to fix what's not working and optimize your business for revenue and profit.

Plain and simple, my mission is to help you use your valuable time more efficiently and increase your bottom line. Sometimes as a small business owner, it feels like it's you against the world. It feels like you're always walking uphill and getting hit from every angle. Trust me, ​I've been there before and know how to overcome obstacles to move your business into a position to grow and thrive.

When I first started my hauling company, I experienced many setbacks and spent a lot more money than I probably should have on things that could’ve been avoided. Without a coach, you will likely make those same costly mistakes which will impact your most valuable commodity: time. Take it from me, I wish I'd had someone I could've lean on when difficult decisions needed to be made or when I just couldn’t quite figure out why something was happening. I had all the financial reports available, I just couldn’t dig into them the way I needed to in order to fully understand and project properly into the near future. One example of a problem that resulted was concerning cash flow shortfalls, which required us to take out loans to support us through slower periods. This also resulted in paying more interest over time, putting financial strain on business operations, funding new assets, and delaying profit distributions. Shortening the learning curve is one of the best things you can do for your business, and it’ll pay dividends down the road.

With me as your guide, you will build your business on my shoulders, and on the shoulders of other clients who have come before you. 

What’s next?

When I work with someone, I jump in with both feet. But first I like to make sure we're a good fit, and that I can provide the value you need in order to succeed and accomplish what you set out to do. I believe in a collaborative approach to consulting, working closely with my clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs and goals. I do not have a cookie cutter technique, each and every one of my clients are approached differently and based on their unique needs. 

So schedule your call with me today and get started building the small business you always envisioned. Our initial discovery call is completely free, and with no long-term contracts or costly investment.

What have you got to lose?


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