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Starting your own business is a ride like no other—full of freedom, calling your shots, and blending work with life in a way that suits you. It's about ditching the 9-to-5 grind for something that feels more... you.


But let's not sugarcoat it. This adventure comes with its own set of challenges. Keeping the cash flowing is crucial—it's the heartbeat of your business. And making a profit? That's your business's lifeline. It's not just about the cash you rake in but the cash you get to keep. Ever heard, "Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity"? It's my go-to reminder that not every shiny opportunity is gold.


I've seen many in the hauling industry get lost in the daily hustle, only to find their hard work didn't pay off as expected. It's a common tale. This is why it's crucial to keep an eagle eye on your finances, separating the chaff from the grain.


Facing hurdles? It's part of the game. The key is to be nimble, ready to pivot, and smart about which paths to pursue or abandon. Ever fallen for the "sunk cost fallacy"? It's a tricky one, making you stick with a losing strategy just because you've already invested in it. Learning when to cut your losses is vital.


In my journey, I've leaned on a systematic approach to try out new ideas, assess their potential, and decide

whether to go full steam ahead, tweak, or drop them. This constant dance of evaluate-adjust-repeat is what keeps you sailing through the unpredictable waters of business.


Ready to beef up your profit margins? I've cooked up this guide full of actionable insights. Whether you're a cover-to-cover reader or a skip-around-the-chapters kind of person, there's something in here for you. And if you think I've missed a beat or just want to say hi, hit me up at


At the end of each chapter, I'll drop some actionable tips your way, making sure you've got solid, practical takeaways to apply to your venture.


Because what's advice without action, right? Let's turn those insights into tangible results for your business. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive deep into the strategies that will carve the path to success for your entrepreneurial journey.


Let's go on a journey to elevate your business from mere survival to flourishing success.



About the Author

Justin Hubbard is not just an entrepreneur, he's a forward-thinker who has significantly impacted the hauling industry, creating a remarkable enterprise that serves as an inspiration for small businesses. His journey from the inception of Hubbard Business Solutions in 2012, to the formidable establishment of the Grizzly Junk Pros in 2014 and invention of The Grizzly Bag, showcases his unwavering commitment to hard work, innovation, and excellence.

Justin has spent the last decade launching and nurturing businesses that embody his dedication to exemplary service, community support, and environmental stewardship. As of April, 2024, Grizzly Junk Pros, his flagship venture, has impressively served over 14,000 customers, with a robust fleet that includes the purchasing of 8 trucks and more than 100 dumpsters, achieving over 6,000 bookings annually and setting new standards in the junk removal and dumpster service industry.

Throughout the years, Justin has also strategically expanded his business empire by acquiring two hauling companies, demonstrating his ability to identify and seize growth opportunities. These acquisitions have not only expanded his market presence, but have also enriched his company's capabilities and service offerings.

In 2016, Justin ventured into the gutter cleaning market with the Gutter Pros, witnessing significant growth that culminated in a notable acquisition deal in 2019. That same year marked the launch of New Life Warehouse, a project aimed at reducing landfill waste through the repurposing of quality items, showcasing his commitment to sustainability.

In 2021, he founded Equine Endeavors, blending his passion for horses with his entrepreneurial acumen. He also launched the free online platform for hauling professionals, fostering a sense of community and collective wisdom to aid others in the industry in overcoming challenges and scaling their operations.

Beyond his business ventures, Justin is actively involved in philanthropy as the CFO and a founding board member of Hope in Harmony, Inc, a nonprofit that uses music to support underprivileged youth. His personal life is equally fulfilling, shared with his wife at their lakefront home in Stamford, CT, where they enjoy simple pleasures and eagerly anticipate the arrival of their third child.

Justin’s story is a testament to relentless dedication, strategic thinking, and a vision that uplifts an entire industry. Through the Hauling Hubb, he aims to empower other small businesses with free educational resources, an open online forum, and tailored coaching/consulting services, underscoring his commitment to revolutionizing the hauling industry.

Join Justin and the vibrant community he has built to discover how the Hauling Hubb can transform yourbusiness dreams into reality, offering endless possibilities for growth, efficiency, and success. Follow on Instagram @HaulingHubb & @TheJustinHubbard to stay connected.

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Table of Contents 

SECTION ONE: Business Foundation and Strategy

1. Analyze Your Profit & Loss Statement

2. Streamline Your Operations

3. Review Your Service Prices

4. Secret Shop the Competition

5. Who is Your Ideal Customer?

6. Customer Retention

7. The Notorious “80/20 Principle”

8. Strategic Partnerships with Complimentary Businesses

SECTION TWO: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience

9. Build Your Website to Convert and Automate

10. Analyze Your Advertising Campaigns

11. Additional Ways To Advertise On The Go

12. Estimate Follow Ups

13. Recurring Services

SECTION THREE: Operations and Efficiency Improvement

14. Improving Logistics

15. Invest in Technology

16. Employee Efficiency and Effectiveness

17. Negotiate With Your Suppliers

18. Donate the Junk

19. Sell the Junk

20. Sort the Junk: Scrap Metal

21. Recurring Services

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