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Intent-Driven | Results Focused Ads

  • Starter Package

    Every month
    +$250 One-time setup fee
    Start Strong with Essential Tools
    • Keyword Research: Basic keyword analysis
    • Ad Creation: Up to 5 ad copies
    • Campaign Setup: Initial campaign setup
    • Reporting: Monthly performance reports
    • Support: Email support (48-hour response)
  • Best Value

    Growth Package

    Every month
    Fuel Your Growth with Comprehensive Solutions
    • Keyword Research: Detailed keyword and competitor analysis
    • Ad Creation: Up to 10 ad copies with testing
    • Campaign Management: Ongoing management and optimization
    • Reporting: Bi-weekly performance reports
    • Support: Priority email and phone support (24-hour response)
  • Premium Package

    Every month
    Optimize ROI with Advanced Strategies
    • Keyword Research: In-depth keyword and market analysis
    • Ad Creation: Unlimited ad creation and testing
    • Campaign Management: Comprehensive setup and scaling
    • Reporting: Weekly detailed reports and ROI analysis
    • Landing Page Optimization: A/B testing for conversions
    • Support: Dedicated account manager
    • Additional Services: Advanced tools and cross-platform ads
  • adimize Digital Ad Management

    Every month
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